The grand old dame of Westerns - GUNSMOKE is now available on ONE complete DVD set!

The legendary Gunsmoke ran for an unprecedented TWENTY seasons from 1955 to 1975. During its run, 635 episodes were produced and broadcast, accounting for the LONGEST RUN EVER on USA Primetime Television. It was the most popular television show for several years during its run.

Countless imitators were produced during Gunsmoke's run, but Gunsmoke outlasted them all to become the most memorable Western of its time. Even today, Gunsmoke is fondly remembered as an ICON of American culture.

Gunsmoke starred James Arness in the lead role as Marshal Matt Dillon, Dennis Weaver as Chester Goode, Milburn Stone as Dr. Galen "Doc" Adams, as well as the memorable Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty Russell, owner of the Long Branch Saloon.

NOW - You too, can relive the memories of your youth, and of gunslinging Dodge City, with our LIMITED EDITION Gunsmoke DVD set. All 635 episodes in an astounding 148-DVD Collection, can now be yours direct from us at GunsmokeDVDset.Net.

The Great Western Epic Gunsmoke in all it's 20-Season, 635-Episode Glory in ONE DVD Set!

Gunsmoke Epic Western, now available in one single box set as pictured.

Do not miss this chance to obtain a piece of America's history. This collection of ALL Gunsmoke episodes in one DVD set is available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

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148 DVDs of the greatest prime-time drama to grace American screens. 20 Seasons of epic Western action and brawling drama - What are you waiting for?

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"The selection of the episodes is fine. The commentary by the stars varies between good and excellent. Gunsmoke" was so much more than entertainment 50 years ago. Families would gather around the "Cool Blue Fire" to share the stories (and morality tales) told by the actors and writers. Fifty years ago I was six years old, and obviously not cognizant of the great leap forward - into 'adult' territory - which "Gunsmoke" represented."
- Tim Niles

"This dvd is a must have.....Great episodes in one dvd boxed collection. Gathered from most popular episodes and put into one collection, this dvd will keep you right on your toes with adventure, laughter and suspense. Matt Dillon & you gotta watch stomach was hurting from laughing. Highly RECOMMENDED!! "
- Shiela Bradley

"It was good to go back and see the earlier versions of Gunsmoke with Chester. It's nice to look at the older episodes and find that they were as well done as the later ones. It's the best western ever in both the black and white or the color. If you like Gunsmoke you can't go wrong with this set of DVD's."
- Kenneth Moore

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about 2 days ago
Quality was especially good considering the age of the series.It was good for my wife and I to remember what we used to watch on TV when we were much younger.

about 2 days ago
Very good DVD's. Everything was nice, sound and all. I give them a good report on the episodes. Would buy it again.

about 4 days ago
This is one series that still deserves to be watched, and remains "must see" TV after 50 years.